Renate Dunwoodie

Diplom-Übersetzerin (BDÜ)
Generally authorized translator
in the English and French language
for the courts and notaries in the Federal state of Hessen

General Information

Having obtained a Diploma Certificate as technical translator, I was initially employed by a company in the "Computer-Assisted Translation" field (as translator/customer support) where I acquired comprehensive know-how in the field of Information Technology (IT). Since 1985, I have been working in this field as free-lance translator, with particular emphasis on Network Technology; however, I have also gained a lot of experience in related areas (e.g. software for the tourism industry, for medical and CAD/CAM/CIM applications) as well as in SAP R/3. Text types included manuals, brochures, technical specifications/data sheets, press releases etc.

As member of the German Interpreters and Translators Association (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und ‹bersetzer BD‹) I am committed to complying with the professional code of honour of the BD‹. My main priority is to produce professional translations for my customers, i.e. I make an optimum contribution to the benefit of my customers and their productivity. The following points are essential to me:
- An order for translation will only be accepted on condition that I have the necessary know how and resources to carry out the translation; specialist subjects outside my area of competence can be referred to suitable colleagues.
- Meeting deadlines to 100% (unless exceeding the deadline is the result of force majeure)
- Maintaining close contact with my customers; to clarify any open questions, customers will be kindly requested to name competent in-house contacts.
- Creating customer-related glossaries of terms to guarantee the consistency of the terminology in the course of the current project as well as for follow-up translations. If a customer provides me with relevant material (see General Terms of Business) I will be pleased to incorporate the terminology used there. Upon delivery of the translation, the customer will receive a list of the terms used; if any modifications are required (e.g. with respect to customer-related terminology), I kindly request that I be notified of these alterations so that they can be incorporated subsequently (please let me know your wishes for alterations within 1 week at the latest).
- Information: Customers are advised that it is worthwhile having a translation re-read by a competent employee in the target language country (e.g. in a subsidiary) to make any corrections/alterations with respect to company-specific terminology as well as formulations/wordings relevant for marketing purposes; the same applies to legal passages which should be checked by the customerís legal department. Here, too, I kindly ask that customers provide me with the relevant information so that I can include it in follow-up translations.
- Continuous improvement of my know-how.


Translation services - be it for business or industrial enterprises or for private customers - normally need to be treated with discretion; for this reason, I prefer not to publish names of individual companies here (see General Terms of Business, Chapter 6). However, customer references can be provided individually in individual cases before large-scale orders are placed.

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