Renate Dunwoodie

Diplom-Übersetzerin (BDÜ)
Generally authorized translator
in the English and French language
for the courts and notaries in the Federal state of Hessen


Translation services from English to German and from German to English.

I will send you a separate quote or estimate of costs (free of charge) for each order.
You will be sent a price quote within 24 hours of receipt of your text (i.e. text for translation or sample pages) which you should send by e-mail - if available - or by fax.

A binding statement regarding deadlines cannot be made here as this always depends on my current workload and therefore have to be discussed individually. However, at the latest at the time of order confirmation I will state a binding delivery date.

Please note that providing existing terminology and/or documentation at an early date greatly speeds up the translation process on my part and represents a large reduction in finalising work on your part which, consequently, saves time and costs.


Prices for translation services
As the price depends on several factors (e.g. urgency of a translation, text volume) I can only give you a guideline: translations written using standard word processing software will be charged at a rate of between GBP 80 and GBP 100 per 1000 words source text. Figures and tables will be treated as words. The costs of a translation are based on the source text and are determined via the count tool provided by Microsoft Word (under TOOLS WORDCOUNT).

Flat rates are available for larger translation volumes.

I will charge a minimum fee of 40,00 Euros.

Prices are net prices, i.e. without VAT. Prices include delivery by e-mail, fax or as printout and/or on disk by post, as well as subsequent alteration of any terminology needing clarification and consideration of provided company-related terminology.
Packaging, postage, fax and data transfer costs are included.

General Terms of Business for translations


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