Renate Dunwoodie

Diplom-Übersetzerin (BDÜ)
Generally authorized translator
in the English and French language
for the courts and notaries in the Federal state of Hessen

General Terms of Business

1. In general

(1) These General Terms of Business apply for contracts between the graduate translator Renate Dunwoodie and her customers inasmuch no other agreements have been reached or are required by legislation.
(2) The Customerís General Terms of Business are only binding for the Translator if the Translator has agreed to this explicitly beforehand in writing.

2. Scope of the translation contract

The translation will be drawn up according to the principles of due diligence. The translation will be delivered to the Customer in the contractually agreed form.

3. Cooperation and information by the Customer

(1) The Customer must provide the Translator voluntarily and in good time with all information and documents required for drawing up the translation (Customer glossaries, illustrations, drawings, tables, abbreviations etc.).
(2) The Translator will not be held responsible for any errors occurring as a result of a failure to observe these requirements.

4. Correction of errors

(1) The Translator reserves the right to rectify errors. The Customer has the right to rectification of any errors contained in the translation. The Customerís right to rectification of errors must be asserted in writing with exact details of the error.

Statutory guarantee rights shall apply in the event of any failure of correction or replacement delivery, insofar as no other agreements have been reached.

5. Liability

The Translator is liable for gross negligence and premeditation. In the case of slight negligence, liability only applies if involving an infringement of a major contractual obligation.

6. Professional secrecy

The Translator agrees to maintain absolute secrecy about all facts that come to her notice in the course of her activities for the Customer.

7. Remuneration

(1) Payment is due immediately upon delivery of the translation.
(2) In the event of contracts with private individuals, Value Added Tax (VAT) is contained - listed separately - in the full price. In all other cases, VAT will be charged extra wherever required by legislation.
(3) In the case of extensive orders, the Translator can demand advances on payment to an extent which is deemed objectively to be appropriate for drawing up the translation. Where circumstances necessitate, the Translator can withhold delivery of her work until payment of her fee has been made in full.

8. Right of retention and copyright

(1) The translation remains the property of the Translator until its payment in full. The Customer has no right to use the translation until then.
(2) The Translator retains the copyright to the Translation.

9. Governing legislation

(1) German legislation applies for the contract and all ensuing rights, obligations and claims.
(2) The validity of these General Terms of Business as a whole will not be affected by the invalidity of individual clauses.

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